dve-immersionDigital Video Enterprises, Inc. (DVE) has just announced the launch of their DVE Immersion Room, which happens to be a first-of-its kind Holographic Presentation Room, and it will be powered by Microsoft. Seemingly more a piece of technology from the future, like say, from the bridge of a starship, the DVE Immersion Room could very well be the next big thing when it comes to upgrading one’s corporate offices as well as business meeting rooms. Microsoft Windows can now be seen floating in the middle of the room, where folks can then interact with video objects that are suspended in mid-air as you can see in the image above.

Apart from that, there will be different kinds of apps including PowerPoint and Lync that will function in augmented reality mode so that 3D objects will be able to fill the expanse of the room without requiring all of those seated in the room to put on a pair of dorky looking glasses. Enlist the assistance of Microsoft Kinect, and you will be able to enjoy the kind of interaction that first wowed audiences when Minority Report hit the silver screens. Right now, the entire solution being offered for a new generation of executive briefing centers, boardrooms, telepresence suites, and collaboration environments. [Press Release]

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