epson-pulsense[CES 2014] Fitness products seem to be catching on these days, and some companies would definitely want to jump aboard the bandwagon so that they will not miss any opportunity should the gravy train pull ahead without them. Epson has looked into the world of fitness devices, where they have announced its Pulsense range of watches and wristbands for fitness, health, and wellness monitoring. The Pulsense would be worn on the wrist, where it can then monitor one’s heart rate, activity levels, calories burnt, and sleep patterns. This particular Pulsense product range will be Epson’s first smart wrist wearable devices, and Epson, a company that is more famous for its range of printers, has promised to make it distinct from competitors courtesy of their own patented unique biosensor technology.

The Pulsense band from Epson does not need any kind of chest strap to detect and store your heart rate, but rather, it will fully rely on sensors located within the wrist device. The sensor would go about its work by measuring light that has been reflected from red blood cells and records heart beats accordingly by tracking the changes. Epson claims that the Pulsense is able to determine the number of calories burned accurately thanks to algorithms that are based on gender, age, and weight. Apart from that, it has enough memory to stash up to 480 hours of data before one is required to transfer information to another device. [Press Release]

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