logo_facebook-rgb-7inch2.png.648x0_q90_replace_alphaAs you might have heard not too long ago, Facebook is rumored to be creating their own version of Flipboard called Facebook Paper. This basically pushes news to your feed, but unlike News Feed where it relies on an algorithm to determine what sort of news you might be interested in and what you might want to read about, Facebook Paper will use actual human beings to help curate news and deliver content instead, which we guess has its pros and cons. On one hand it might provide you access to the latest news faster, but on the other hand the topics that are delivered might be biased depending on who’s serving it up. In any case it looks like Facebook Paper is inching towards reality as according to reports, it seems that Facebook is currently in the process of hiring Editors for the new feature.

According to Re/code’s sources, they claim that Paper Editors will only be able to choose content from the ones that have already been published. This is good news for websites who might appreciate the additional promotion, but might not necessarily be useful for some users who will basically be seeing the same information twice. The goal of Paper appears to be more geared towards publishers and encouraging them to post content on Facebook rather than promote their news on alternative platforms, such as Twitter, for example. No word on when Paper will launch but it has been rumored to be announced in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back with us then for the details.

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