GTA_5_pcGiven the success and popularity of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5, we’re sure many PC gamers out there are just dying to get the game on their computers. Petitions have been signed and according to our previous report, references made to the PC version of the game have been sighted in bug reports. As to how accurate those earlier reports are remains to be seen, but it looks like Amazon seems to think that they are legit, or they know something we don’t, but it looks like both Amazon France and Germany have no qualms about listing GTA 5 for the PC on their websites.

Like we said it’s impossible to tell whether Amazon France/Germany are simply predicting that an announcement will be made and that their source of information is from the internet, just like the rest of us, or if they have known this for a while and have simply gotten ahead of themselves, but given Amazon’s size and reputation, the latter might not be a stretch of the imagination. Either way last we heard Rockstar had nothing to share regarding availability of GTA 5 for the PC, which is odd given that previous GTA games have been released for the PC, so the lack of PC support for GTA 5 is a little weird. In any case hopefully we will be hearing from Rockstar soon with an official announcement, hopefully, rather than a denial. What do you guys think? Does Amazon know more than they are letting on? Or are they simply speculating?

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