honda-ev-chargerThe world has clearly moved on forward when it comes to lowering the amount of emissions for a greener planet that we can leave for our future generations. Honda too, has its fair share of experience with its hybrid ride, although it is not nearly as famous as that of its bitter rival, the Toyota Prius. Well, this time around, Honda has made its way to the spotlight by working on a normal speed EV charger that is able to garner its energy from the power of the sun, too, which would go some way in promoting the use of electric-powered vehicles.

This particular Honda charger is known as the “HEH55,” where it is capable of being installed on a wall, hence doing away with the need for any kind of groundwork as well as lowering the amount of installation time. Not only that, it can also be installed in a jiffy in existing parking areas, as it offers support for network-based billing services and smart card authentication. Not only that, the HEH55 will also sport locking systems that include a “gunlock” function so that any untoward mischief can be prevented. With its ability to link up to a solar power generation system, it would enable the control of charging current in accordance with the amount of power generated, as well as being able to juice up any “thirsty” electric-powered vehicle in the event of a power failure.

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