huawei-spyIn an interesting turn of events, it seems that Huawei has recently been accused of purposely allowing their products to have weak holes to allow spy agencies, like the NSA, to easily hack into them for spying purposes. Like we said this is rather ironic because it wasn’t too long ago that Huawei was fending off allegations that it was acting as a spy for the Chinese government which almost had the Chinese company exit the US market.

These allegations were denied by Huawei announced their latest financial results which were admittedly pretty impressive. According to Huawei’s CFO, Cathy Meng, “We have seen no incidents on networks due to security problems. A lot of reports say Huawei equipment has more vulnerabilities or is more easily breached. These reports are groundless.” We’re not sure why Huawei has been targeted over these allegations, but this is not the first time we’ve heard companies accused of allowing holes in their software in order to make it easier for the NSA to spy in on them.

In a statement Huawei has since released, “Huawei is a private, 100 per cent employee-owned company. We share the same goal as our customers to raise the standards of cyber security, to ensure technology benefits consumers. Our video conferencing equipment is based on the industry’s global standards, to suggest it is specifically open to abuse would be misleading.”

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