keecker product-1[CES 2014] KEECKER happens to be a Paris-based company that intends to bring the future forward, by introducing a new connected robot (which will hopefully be smart, too) at CES 2014. Boasting of a unique functionality that will hopefully alter the way we think about digital experiences, KEECKER happens to be the first connected computer for lifestyle and home entertainment, where it will transform just how one shares and experiences rich content. 


Sporting a powerful video projection as well as a 360° audio and video capture system, the KEECKER would enable you to project movies, listen to music, browse the web, make video calls, and play video games among others, through the use of your smartphone, now how about that for convenience? Taking the wire-free route to coincide with a mobile lifestyle, KEECKER is able to turn any room into an entertainment arena, while just about any surface can be transformed into a massive and immersive display. When freed from its ”container”, the content is able to be projected just about anywhere, regardless of whether it is traditional entertainment, video, photos, interior design or beyond. KEECKER measures 16” wide and 25” tall, and can be controlled via iOS, Android and the Web. It will feature 1TB of internal memory, and will be available at the last quarter of the year, retailing for $4,000 o $5,000.

keecker product-2

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