kimdotcom-partyFor a personality the size of Kim Dotcom, you know for sure that he will not be too far away from controversy or attention at all times. After all, he happens to be the famous Megaupload founder and has earned his millions as a web tycoon. Having said that, Kim Dotcom will be launching the registration for his New Zealand political party, where tickets for his 40th birthday that so happened to coincide with the launch were snapped up within minutes, and there were over 15,000 people who have made plans to attend.

Kim Dotcom who was born in Germany did mention that he is founding and funding the party, but will not stand as a candidate himself. New Zealand law would require 500 paid-up members in order for an organization to be registered, prior to a party’s formation. Kim Dotcom might be living in New Zealand at the moment, but he is unable to stand as a candidate for political office since he does not hold a New Zealand citizenship.

Dotcom did mention, “The party website with information about our vision & candidates will launch with another BIG event on Jan 20, 2014. Second raid anniversary. We are going to make politics exciting. My political party will activate non-voters, the youth, the Internet electorate.”

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