Last year, Keychron announced the Keychron Q1 mechanical keyboard. It was a huge deal for the company because for the first time ever, this is a keyboard aimed at hobbyists where it came with features like gasket mounting, support for QMK/VIA, and also featured a much more sturdy build compared to the company’s previous offerings.

However, if the 75% form factor isn’t up your alley and you actually want something smaller, you’re in luck because Keychron has since announced and launched the second model in its series, the Keychron Q2. Unlike the Q1, this is a 65% form factor which does away with the function key row, which might be better suited for users who don’t need it.

It also comes with support for a rotary knob that users can program to do other things, something that appeared to be initially planned for the Q1 but did not materialize (there appears to be an update to the Q1 that will support it though). Also, Keychron is making some changes to the Q2 from the Q1 where it will come with OSA profile keycaps made out of PBT, and will also be using the Gateron G Pro switches, a change from the Gateron Phantom switches that came with the original Q1.

The Keychron Q2 will be priced at $169 for the fully assembled version, $179 for the version with the rotary knob, $149 for the barebones kit (meaning you’ll need to buy the keycaps and switches yourself), and $159 for the barebones with support for the rotary knob. It is currently available for purchase from Keychron’s website if you’re interested.

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