bbm-android-iphone-3Wouldn’t it be cool if you could send BBM messages from your desktop instead of having to keep switching back to your phone? As it stands Apple’s iMessage allows that if you’re using their Mac OS X operating system, and during BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013, BlackBerry demoed something similar as well, although there was no mention if and when such a feature would be arriving. However it seems that BlackBerry is considering that feature very seriously because in the latest survey sent out by BlackBerry for their BlackBerry Link 1.2 software.

Basically what the survey wanted to know is what sort of features both new and existing users of the software should be included in future updates for the PC and Mac platforms, and one of the questions was related to BBM and SMS integration. Of course there’s no telling if BlackBerry will ever incorporate such features, but given that BBM is no longer an exclusive to the BlackBerry platform and has made its way onto iOS and Android, giving these users the option to send messages through their computers and not just their phones could make them more receptive to using BlackBerry’s software.

Of course this does not really benefit BlackBerry financially since BBM is free, although with plans to monetize it in the future, having more users on board will no doubt be a great selling point for future clients looking to advertise through its BBM Channels feature. What do you guys think? BBM for the desktop, yay or nay?

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