Choosing a smartphone platform requires some careful decisions on the buyer’s part. After all no one likes wasting money on a platform they cannot truly enjoy, right? So what does one take into consideration when choosing a platform? Price, app availability, design, hardware, performance, and so on, and for those who surf heavily on their phone, having a fast and smooth browser is key, wouldn’t you say? Well it turns out that the Nokia Lumia 1520 could be the phone you are looking for, if browsing if your priority.

Thanks to a video that was uploaded not too long ago onto YouTube by TechCloud, it features the Lumia 1520 pitted against the iPhone 5s in what looks to be a browser performance and experience test. Both devices are either company’s flagship phones and both do feature some pretty good hardware, but as the video so tellingly reveals, it would seem as though the Lumia 1520 is better in terms of browsing when compared to the iPhone 5s. As you can see in the video above, the Lumia 1520 is faster when it comes to loading webpages, and does so almost immediately upon clicking, while Apple’s Safari browser took a second or two longer.

The experience when browsing websites also shows that the Lumia 1520 scrolled a little bit smoother compared to the iPhone 5s. While this does not look good for the iPhone 5s, the browsing experience has never really been a negative point in reviews and is pretty decent overall, but like we said when put next to the Lumia 1520, it is pretty telling. What do you guys think? Will the browser experience make you want to switch phones?

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