Nokia_NormandyWe have been hearing the rumors that Nokia could be working on an Android phone of its own, which at the moment has been given the codename “Normandy”. We’ve seen alleged leaks of the handset and even of its user interface, and now thanks to a post on Sina Weibo, a photo of the handset in real life was caught on camera. While there’s no way of confirming if the device pictured is the same handset we’re talking about, that’s what’s being speculated at the moment. Interestingly enough the handset also sports a protective case which is used by companies at times to help hide its full design, but given that we’ve seen the handset leaked in the past, there’s really nothing left to the imagination.

We have to wonder with all these leaks, are they merely just for show, kind of like showing what Nokia has managed to put together so far? Or could it be that Nokia might announce an Android phone for sale? It would seem highly unlike it is the latter especially in the face of being acquired by Microsoft, although a cryptic message from famed leaker @evleaks in the past has us believing otherwise. The Nokia Normandy is expected to run a forked version of Android, which is basically Android at its core, albeit modified extensively, similar to what Amazon did with their Kindle Fire range of Android tablets. What do you guys think? What are our chances of seeing an Android Nokia phone hitting the market?

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