edward-mangano-ipadDuring official events, such as the swearing in of a President, mayor, a judge, or a politician, a Bible is used to officiate the event. However what happens when you don’t have a bible with you? What if the officials of the ceremony had misplaced the Bible and can’t find one? Should the event be held off until they do, or should they turn to more modern alternatives, like a digital Bible, for example? Well that’s what happened when Republican Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano was sworn in to his second term and an iPad with the Bible app was used instead of a physical copy.

According to the NewsDay report, “Addressing a standing room audience at Bethpage High School, where he graduated in 1980, Mangano took the oath of office on an iPad featuring a text of the Bible when a printed copy could not be located.” While this seemed like a clever and more hi-tech solution, it has also sparked debate as to whether an iPad with a Bible app should be allowed to replace the real thing. Of course that is a debate for another time, but with religious figures such as the former Pope hopping on board Twitter, why shouldn’t modern technology be used, right? In the meantime if you’d like to see the video in which Mangano was sworn in with the iPad Bible, hit up NewsDay’s website for the details.

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