powerpillowWe have seen our fair share of Kickstarter projects in the past, and this time around, here is yet another one which is pretty interesting. Known as the Power Pillow, the creators behind it have dubbed it to be the “world’s first pillow that recharges smart devices.” It sounds rather glamorous, but basically, the Power Pillow happens to be a soft housing for a battery pack which is able to juice up your mobile devices whenever there is no power outlet available in the vicinity. Having said that, it makes perfect sense then for the Power Pillow to take the form of a standard pillow which will come in various designs, where they will be able to hide the clever way of charging your range of portable devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other kinds of devices which can be powered via USB. In a nutshell, the Power Pillow functions as the housing for the lithium-polymer battery pack.

Other than opening up the door for you to juice up your devices on the move, it also lets you keep your charging smartphone close to you at all times, making sure you will be able to attend to that incoming call or text message without having to be somewhere else. Right now, the Power Pillow project seeks to raise CAD$30,000 (US$28,000), and all you need to pledge is CAD$132 (US$125) to bring home a full Power Pillow charging system should it be successful. [Kickstarter Page]

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