solarcoolerBeer aficionados out there, don’t you hate it when your beer gets warm too quickly in the summer heat? Sure there are beer coolers out there and while they do a decent job at keeping your beer relatively cool, it’s not quite as ice cold as you might expect from a fridge or from the tap at your local bar. Well that’s where the SolarCooler comes in, which as you might have inferred from the photo above and the name, is a cooler designed to keep your drinks cold while sourcing its energy from none other than the sun! This makes it a perfect item to bring with you to the park, to the beach, or to places where electricity might not be as readily available.

However if there is one drawback is that the SolarCooler will cost $1,000, and that’s the price they’re asking for  even if you’re a backer of their Indiegogo project! For those who did not get in on the project, its creators will expect it to retail for around $1,200. It is admittedly very expensive but considering it sports a 12V battery backup and it essentially is a portable fridge of sorts, we guess it can almost be justified. Alternatively even if it weren’t used for drinks and keeping food fresh, it can also be used to transport medical items, especially in places where running electricity is scarce, like in developing countries or in war zones, for example. If you’d like to learn more or pledge a donation, hit up its Indiegogo page for the details!

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