TOSHIBA AMERICA ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, INC.[CES 2014] Right before Christmas, we did come across news that Toshiba has already announced the introduction of a new 5MP dual camera module which is capable of delivering stereo 3D-like images. Well, slightly more than a couple of weeks later, here we are with word that Toshiba has made available sample quantities of the 5MP dual camera module, otherwise known as the TCM9518MD. The TCM9518MD happens to be the industry’s first dual camera module which is capable of simultaneously output recorded images and depth data for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.


Just how is this made possible? Well, the TCM9518MD’s twin camera modules alongside a dedicated companion LSI chip will get the job done, as they simultaneously deliver deep focus images where foreground and background, alongside the rest of the points in between, happen to be in focus with depth data provided for each object in the picture. For those who are attending CES this week, you will be able to check out this interesting dual camera module right there in Las Vegas, Nevada. The TCM9518MD should be able to give rise to new applications for smartphone, tablets and mobile devices, considering how easy it is to incorporate into existing devices. [Press Release]

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