toshiba-l7400[CES 2014] At CES 2014, Toshiba is positioning itself to “win in the long-term” as the company puts it, and while it is not an easy thing to do, Toshiba’s new TV line up does have some very interesting features. The L7400 is a 55-inch model which is one of the best-selling sizes on the American market. In terms of image quality, this television has a full array of LED lights which should translate into fine-grain intensity control and ultimately better contrast and luminosity control. We will have to take a closer look, but keep in mind that trade shows are not exactly the best place to judge image quality, and the video demos are often super-contrasted with over-saturated colors. The specs however look pretty good.Obviously, this is a smart TV as well and it comes with a dual-core processor and Toshiba’s new user interface called “Cloud Portal”. As you can expect, it does many things a smart TV  is supposed to, including Media guide, Networked Media Playback, Web browsing etc… how well furnished the library of app/services is remains to be seen, but any user interface effort should be applauded since the TV world could use it. Toshiba has added support for DTS Premium Sound and made this television Direct TV Ready.

This TV looks good on paper, but chances are that it will face a very stiff competition since this is the single most competitive TV segment. What do you think?

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