steam-machines[CES 2014] Back in 2013, Valve unveiled Steam Machines which was basically the company’s way of breaking into the living room market, which at the moment is dominated by the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Given that the Steam platform is home to many games, big name games for that matter, softwarewise Valve had that covered. However as far as hardware was concerned, there were some questions about that, but come CES 2014, Valve has announced that they not only had one, or two, or three, but thirteen different hardware partners that would be helping the company develop Steam Machines for consumers in the near future.

According to Valve, the SteamOS powered Steam Machines will cost as low as $499 and each machine will come bundled with a Steam Controller. So which manufacturers did Valve manage to attract? Well as it turns out, Valve has managed to attract some pretty big names. According to the company, Alienware, Alternate, CyberPowerPC, Digital Storm, Falcon NW, GigaByte, iBuyPower, Maingear,, Next Spa, Origin PC, Scan, Webhallen, and Zotac will be the companies responsible to producing Valve’s first-gen Steam Machines. This is pretty impressive as some of these brands, such as Alienware, Digital Storm, and Falcon NW are well-established players in the gaming PC market and have put out some pretty amazing products in the past, which also means of these Steam Machines will not come cheap.

Either way we look forward to hearing more about the Steam Machine efforts from these manufacturers in the near future, so check back with us then for the details! In the meantime which company are you most looking forward to?

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