MacBook-Pro-with-OS-X-Mavericks-640x393Earlier today, we reported that Apple had issued a crucial fix in the form of iOS 7.0.6 for its iOS devices. This is an important update and for those who haven’t bothered to update, you guys probably should. For those wondering what the big deal is, it turns out that there’s a bug in iOS that would allow a hacker to perform a man-in-the-middle attack, which means that they will be able to intercept important details like credit card information, login credentials, emails, and the likes. Now the good news is that iOS 7.0.6 should fix the problem, but it turns out that not only are Apple’s iOS devices affected, but their OS X computers as well.

Apple has since announced that they will be issuing a software update “very soon” designed for its OS X computers. The OS X vulnerability was discovered by a security firm, CrowdStrike, and a Google engineer after the iOS 7.0.6 patch was released. In the meantime an independent privacy researcher, Askhan Soltani, has discovered that Apple’s vulnerable SSL library is also being used by apps such as FaceTime, iMessage, Twitter, Calendar, Keynote, Mail, iBooks, Software Update, and more. However the good news is that iMessage and FaceTime comes with added security measures that should weaken the effects of the flaw, but at the same time we guess it won’t hurt if Apple were to release a fix ASAP lest something goes wrong! In the meantime Apple users can head on over to to check if their computers are affected.

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