blackberry-q30-windermere-700x548So the other day we caught a glimpse at an alleged BlackBerry prototype called the Windermere. The device when it was first leaked was thought to be an older BlackBerry prototype, perhaps one that might have been cancelled, but it turns out that wasn’t the case, or so the rumors clam. In any case the leaked photos were somewhat blurry and hard to see, but thanks to a recent concept rendering made by a fan, we now have a better and clearer idea of what the Windermere could look like if it were to be released as a final product.


However it should be noted that this isn’t strictly the Windermere based on the leaked images. Most notably is due to the fact that its screen seems more conventional, versus the prototype we saw which had a 1:1 touchscreen, which in all honesty was an odd choice to begin with. However the concept does keep its three row keyboard design, and with the elongated screen, it certainly looks pretty good. For those who didn’t follow the rumors, the reason behind BlackBerry’s choice of a three row keyboard design is because apparently BlackBerry will be incorporating gestures into the keyboard itself, allowing users to use gestures to pull up additional keys, such as symbols, as well as swiping. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

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