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Those who use the standalone Facebook Messenger for Windows desktop client on their PCs today got a message from the social network in the client itself. Facebook has confirmed that it is shutting down this standalone client because it can no longer support it. Monday, March 3rd is the day when Facebook Messenger for Windows ultimately bites the dust.

Facebook Messenger for Windows was first launched back in March 2012. It was positioned as an alternative way to chat with one’s Facebook friends without having to open the website at all. In November last year the download link for the client went down but at the time it was chalked up as a glitch. Facebook doesn’t reveal the reason why it can no longer support it.

For now, standalone Facebook Messenger apps are available on both Android and iOS. The social network has also made plans public of porting the client over to Windows Phone, though that may end up taking a couple of months. As far as a client for Windows 8.1 is concerned, Facebook doesn’t say anything that will get our hopes up. Its focus right now is improving upon its mobile messaging experience, so desktops have quite evidently been put on the back burner.

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