Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, in-ear, over the ear, on-ear, Bluetooth, and so on, but for the most part, headphones are basically designed to pipe music from our media devices, like our phones or tablets, and straight into our ears, nothing more, nothing less, at least until The Dash. These are a pair of in-ear headphones that have been making waves recently thanks to its Kickstarter project where its creators have managed to go beyond its $260,000 goal. As it stands at this point in time, The Dash headphones Kickstarter project is sitting well above $1,000,000.

So what’s the big deal about these headphones? Why is it such a hit when it hasn’t even been released yet? Well for starters the headphones will be wireless (pairs using Bluetooth with support for aptX). The headphones will also sport touch controls, with the left ear bud for tracking, and the right ear bud for sound. It will also come with 4GB of onboard storage and to top it off, it will also feature a heart rate monitor, an oxygen saturation sensor, transparent mode which basically lets in ambient sounds, and it will also be waterproof up to 1 meter. Its creators are also planning a mobile app that expands on the functionality of the headphones, such as allowing the wearer to track their biometric data.

The headphones are currently priced at $199 although these are the early bird special, so if you miss out on it, expect to pay $299 for them once they hit the shelves. The Dash headphones are definitely an interesting idea and we can definitely see the appeal, but as to how well they actually function remains to be seen, but if you don’t mind giving them a go, hit p its Kickstarter page for the details.

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