[MWC 2014] There is just something about concepts that we absolutely love – not only does it enable the particular designer to come up with outrageous hardware specifications which are way ahead of its time, that even some say will be impossible to achieve in the future, one is also not shackled by the laws of physics. Well, Creoir Ltd. did showcase a smartwatch known as Ibis at Mobile World Congress that is happening right now in Barcelona, Spain. It seemed that the designers of Ibis wanted to challenge consumer perceptions when it comes to smartwatches as well as other wearables in terms of its portability and aesthetics. The Ibis is meant to be referred to as “wearable jewelry”, and when you take a look at the video above, you will know why.

The Ibis comprises of materials such as crystal and stainless steel, where it has been inspired by the ibis (you can tell by the name reference, right?), which so happens to be a bird whose wing tips are capable of touching each other while it flies about with a young bird on its back. Described to symbolize the “precious and personal current of information on your smart watch”, the Ibis is basically an extremely stylish bracelet which is extremely smart – at least smarter than your average analog timepiece. It will run on the Android operating system just in case you were wondering.

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