Assuming Apple keeps to their schedule, the iPhone 6 will be launched around Q3 2014. Given that Apple has in the past thrown us for a loop with the release of the iPhone 4S, safe to say that anything could happen. That being said, whether Apple chooses to launch the iPhone 6 at WWDC or later in the year, we reckon February is still a little too early to begin queuing for the device. However that has not stopped a Japanese blogger called Yoppy from standing in line. Yoppy is reportedly working off a rumor that the handset could see a September release. This means that his decision to stand in line would give him pretty much a 7 month head start over everyone else.

This is actually not the first time that Yoppy has queued for an iPhone and we doubt that it would be his last. Previously Yoppy had attempted to queue for the iPhone 5 in a bid to be the first one in Japan to purchase the device. Unfortunately his efforts have failed which might explain why his decision to begin queuing for the iPhone 6 a good 7 months ahead of time. 7 months is a pretty long time to wait and we’re not sure if his resolve will be able to hold up until the later part of the year, but good on him for trying we guess. What do guys think of Yoppy’s chances of being the first in Japan to own the iPhone 6?

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