OneDrive-Microsoft-Collection2Back in January, we had heard how Microsoft had rebranded their SkyDrive cloud services to OneDrive. While the rebranding was announced, the update service’s launch had yet to be determined, at least until now where Microsoft has officially announced the launch of OneDrive around the world. For current SkyDrive users, the launch will probably not affect you in anyway, apart from the fact that the service has been rebranded. Existing apps are expected to continue working with the service, and while Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Mac apps will be rebranded, the same cannot be said for Windows 8.1 and Office 2013.

Now as we have mentioned before, OneDrive will be getting Dropbox-like features in the sense that OneDrive users can earn more storage if they don’t wish to pay for larger storage beyond what they have gotten. Users will be able to earn up to an additional 5GB where every friend they refer to OneDrive will net them an additional 500MB, meaning that if you manage to get 10 friends to signup for OneDrive, you would have netted yourself an additional 5GB in cloud storage. Those who own the iOS, Android, or Windows Phone app will also be able to earn an extra 3GB by enabling the camera backup feature. So if you are looking for an alternative cloud storage service, hit up the OneDrive website for the details.

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