flickrBack in the day of Windows Phone 7, Yahoo released a Flickr app for the platform but has not bothered to update the app since. Heck, even the design of the Windows Phone button on the Flickr website is that of the old one, and given that we’re approaching the release of Windows Phone 8.1, will Yahoo ever come around to updating its app for the Windows Phone platform? Sadly it appears that the answer is no, at least not anytime soon. This is according to a post by a Yahoo product support admin who responded to a question posed by a user back in 2013 (yes it took them that long to respond).

According to the admin, he replied by saying, “At this point, we are focusing our mobile development efforts on iPhone and Android apps. If this changes, we’ll let you know in the forum here.” Flickr was one of the more popular websites for sharing and hosting photos for websites back in the day. However with social media growing faster than ever, websites such as Facebook and Instagram started to overshadow it, which might explain why Yahoo might not see the app as a priority at the moment. In any case there are probably a handful of third-party alternatives if you really want to use Flickr, such as 2flicka and Flickr Central just to name a few.

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