smartphone-skirtThe worlds of fashion and tech have definitely overlapped one another from time to time, and at the London Fashion Week, it was extremely interesting to note that a fair number of high tech garments as well as accessories have captured the imagination of the masses, and hopefully in due time, their wallets as well. A three month long project by Nokia, fashion designer Fyodor Golan as well as creative design house Kin has resulted in a Lumia skirt which comprises of the Nokia Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 handsets. Now you can be sure that this is not the lightest skirt to wear, so do not worry about a gust of wind blowing in the wrong direction as I don’t think it will be able to generate any adequate lifting force, unless we’re talking about hurricane-class gales here.

The practicality of this skirt is also questionable – it will not be able to withstand a rainy day, and how about maintaining the battery life on this skirt? It would be a mad scramble to charge up every single Lumia handset sewn onto the skirt. Apart from that, each of these handsets will show off different parts of an image in order to give the illusion of one big picture. The pictures themselves will alter accordingly as the model moves, mimicking the manner where a fabric’s tone will change as it move between light and shadow.

Here is some food for thought – if you were to make a mini-skirt version of this, would we see liberal application Nokia Lumia 1520 Mini instead?

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