the-arkAre you a staunch supporter in the saying that art imitates life? Regardless of your answer, only a handful of people would have described the artwork above as downright ugly, as I believe that a vast majority out there would find The Ark (as this piece of artwork is known as) to be stunningly beautiful – especially when the sun has set and night falls. Located in a botanical garden in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, The Ark is a wall of organ pipe cacti, where a certain Romain Tardy has brought to life to resemble flowing Matrix-like code on the outside, accompanied by music by the cutely named Squeaky Lobster.


The Ark’s main objective? To lend a fantastical voice to the cacti themselves, where this particular installation will also be able to show off the effect that anyone gazes upon it is being looked after by an incorporeal demi-god from the electronic realm. Don’t you think that it is a rather interesting setup? Of course, modern art has its fair share of modern interpretations, supporters and detractors, and so a piece like The Ark too, would have its own set of specific challenges in gaining the sway of public opinion, too. [Project Page]

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