volvo-deliveryThe delivery service market is an extremely competitive one, and it does seem that just about everyone is on the lookout for various ways to streamline their respective delivery services. In fact, the use of drones to deliver your packages by air is a route which Amazon intends to explore with their Amazon Prime Air service. Volvo Cars has recently announced that they have plans to help you receive your goods in a timely as well as convenient manner.

In a nutshell, Volvo intends to work on a system which will allow delivery personnel GPS to track your vehicle, track down your position, as well as gain access to your vehicle’s trunk using a temporary electronic key. Theoretically speaking, you could just drop by into the grocery store, perform your shopping, as well as head back to discover your online shopping goods having arrived in your trunk. Sure, some might not be too comfortable to see your vehicle being accessed by strangers (albeit I am sure that there is some sort of consent form or agreement that you will need to be agreeable to beforehand), while others would think that the convenience of delivery while you’re outside is worth the giving up of your personal location. [Press Release]

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