xbox-one-sellerIt was with great excitement that many a Microsoft Xbox One owner was looking forward to an Xbox One system update today, but it seems as though all of the waiting has resulted in…a whole lot more waiting. Apparently, there was a hiccup that happened at the last moment to cause this particular delay in the system update release. According to Major Nelson in his Twitter feed, the Xbox One system update will ship later this week, so a wee bit more patience is required to ensure that your Xbox One would remain up to date with the latest software version.


Just what can users of the Xbox One be able to expect from this particular update? for starters, it will be a whole lot easier for users to manage the storage on their respective devices, in addition to managing the download queue as well as enjoying a battery indicator. Better late than never applies here for sure, where it is wiser to have an update delayed in its rollout to make sure that everything works fine and dandy, rather than to release said update on time that is full of bugs. Are you rather disappointed that the Xbox One system update has been delayed?

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