airakiNintendo’s Game Boy is an institution in the world of video games, there’s no doubt about that. The handheld console that could lasted for so many years in the market, seeing off many other rivals like the Sega Game Gear as well as the TurboExpress. In fact, later iterations of the Game Boy ran on half the amount of batteries required, and yet came with color, a smaller chassis and a far better display, without losing any of its charm. For those of you who still have a working Game Boy in your possession, here is some good news for you – there is a new game for the handheld console, which is known as Airaki.

Best of all is, you do not need to step into a time machine and travel back to enjoy Airaki, as this game is set to ship out this coming April. Airaki happens to be a medieval-themed puzzle game, where players will need to arrange items on a grid in rows of three so that they can launch an attack against opponents. Needless to say, the difficult level will continue to rise as you progress deeper into the game, and if you happen to own a link cable, then you can hook up your Game Boy to another Game Boy and go toe-to-toe with a human brain instead of computer AI.

You will need two Airaki Game Paks to achieve this. Airaki is going to sell for €18 (US$25) or more, depending on the number of international orders, with the option to purchase a more affordable bundle that sports two Game Paks and a link cable for €37 ($51).

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