blackberry-5-700x525There has been talk that BlackBerry has a new device in the works called the BlackBerry Windermere. Chances are that the name might be a codename and that the final product might be known as something else.

What makes the Windermere so much more interesting that BlackBerry’s previous releases is its keyboard. The phone not only sports a weird display aspect ratio of 1:1, but also comes with a physical keyboard that allegedly supports gestures, meaning that the keyboard can be used for more than just typing.

We’re not sure what sort of gestures the keyboard could feature, but according to a CrackBerry forum member, Ofutur, he has managed to dig up some information regarding the keyboard gestures from the recently leaked build of BlackBerry 10.3. Now we should note that the leak is apparently an older build meaning that there’s no telling if the gestures are still relevant today, or if BlackBerry might have scrapped their plans entirely.

However it seems that based on what was discovered, it looks like not only will the Windermere keyboard incorporate a bit of the Swype keyboard’s functionality, but could also use a bit of the Fleksy keyboard’s features as well. Some of the gestures includes tapping, swiping down, swiping up to validate a word, swiping left to delete a word, swiping right, touch up, touch down, and touch and move (which we’re assuming would allow you to type like the Swype keyboard).

Once again there’s no telling if the Windermere is an actual BlackBerry handset, although a BlackBerry patent and recently leaked images would suggest otherwise. Either way what do you guys think? Does the Windermere sound like an intriguing handset?

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