screen-shot-2014-03-13-at-8-36-55-pmBefore the term “selfies” was coined, people were already doing it, although we guess now that the action comes with a name, we’re starting to see more of it these days. In fact the most popular selfie was courtesy of Ellen Degeneres who managed to take one during the Oscar’s show, where her post on Twitter soon became viral and beat out Obama’s “Four more years” tweet.

That being said, there are plenty of apps available that can help you take a selfie. In fact pretty much all smartphones these days come with a front-facing camera and the default app can help you take a selfie of yourself in a couple of seconds, but what if you wanted to share it? Which platforms might be best suited for a selfie?

Well Apple wants to help you find out, thanks to the launch of a new App Store section which is dedicated to platforms and apps in which one can take and share selfies with. The apps in the Selfies section are apps that you might have heard of in the past, such as Snapchat, but we guess it has all been brought together and grouped up to make them a little easier to find.

In any case the section can be found on the front page of the iTunes App Store on both the iOS and desktop version of iTunes, so if you’d like to find out which apps Apple considers good/useful for taking selfies, fire up iTunes to check it out.

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