mac-pro-appleIf you’re planning on getting your hands on the Apple’s brand new Mac Pro and were thinking about dual booting both OS X and Windows thanks to the Boot Camp software, you might want to take note that for the Mac Pro, Boot Camp will only support the installation of Windows 8 or later.


What this means is that OS X users who want to dual boot Apple’s platform and Windows 7 (or lower), you’d be out of luck. This is according to an updated Apple Support document which has listed the version of Windows that will be compatible with the latest Mac Pro computer.

It is unclear why Apple has decided to make those changes, especially since there are still many out there who are choosing to install Windows 7 over Windows 8 due to the familiarity of the software, but then again it is possible that Apple just wants everyone to be running the latest software.

It has also been speculated that Apple might be looking to discontinue the support for Windows 7 in future Macs given that the platform is getting relatively old as well. We’re not sure this move will be well-received. What do you guys think? Any new/would-be Mac Pro owners out there who might be a little disappointed by this move?

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