candy-crush-nailsWhen it comes to the world of advertising, I guess nothing is sacred, and there are always new possibilities when it comes to exploring uncharted advertising areas. Case in point, this particular marketing idea that sees King’s Candy Crush sponsoring a girl’s fingernails as she goes around wearing a candy-based design which carries the unmistakable bold and colorful characteristics of the game itself.

It must be noted, however, that she is no ordinary random lady picked up from the middle of a school or workplace, as she happens to go by the name of “Harutamu”. For those who are in the know, Harutamu happens to belong to a Tokyo-based group that is called Black Diamond, and they love to tan their skin as dark as possible, all the while making “loud” fashion statements with wigs, extravagant clothes, and fake nails.

Considering how her fingernails now look so delicious, never mind that they are fake, Harutamu is no longer seen with her bright pink hair that she normally sports, presumably because she does not want to have it to be a distraction. What do you think of this kind of move by a Public Relations agency? Will it catch on across all cultures eventually?

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