I am quite sure that all avid gamers out there, especially those who cannot get enough of Blizzard’s Diablo III hack and slash adventure, would have marked March 25th down on their respective calendars as the date where Diablo III: Reaper of Souls will launch. In a move that is most probably meant to whet the appetite of the adoring masses, Blizzard has just introduced a brand new video that will introduce the Crusader class, who happens to be a righteous warrior who ensures that all that is vile and dark will be dispatched of using holy thunder, at the same time managing to ward off vicious attacks and evil of all kinds with a massive shield.

The Crusader has been described as “a seasoned hero who embodies divine justice, dispatching enemies with holy thunder while warding off vicious attacks. Stalwart defenders of the Zakarum faith, they stride fearlessly into battle wearing an unyielding coat of steel that shines beneath the shadow of Death.” The video will reveal the origins of the Crusaders, in addition to their prowess with flail and shield, as well as the divine favor upon them which enables them to work alongside the Heavens. Are you stoked yet?

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