If you’ve ever grown up playing LEGO, well you know everything you create is pretty much limited to your imagination. In fact nowadays LEGO has gotten to the point where there are creations far more impressive than they were back in the day, although admittedly much more expensive as well.

We’ve seen LEGO being used for electronics in the past, so we guess we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that builder Jason Allemann has actually managed to piece together an actual working keyboard using bits of LEGO, and electronic components of course.

For the most part it seems that the keyboard is comprised of actual LEGO pieces, but at the same time since there aren’t LEGO pieces for certain keys on the keyboard, Alleman had improvise in certain areas, like the hilarious Caps Lock button, for example, which actually features a tiny LEGO hat (or cap, get it?).

Now we doubt that Allemann will be mass producing this LEGO keyboard, nor is he going to put this up for sale either. However for those who might be a bit more savvy around electronic components, perhaps this is a project you might want to take under consideration.

It is admittedly pretty cool and if you have a few minutes to spare, you can check out the video above in which Alleman shows off his LEGO keyboard in action, or you can head on over to Alleman’s blog for the details of how he put it all together.

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