google-now-billsHave you ever given Google Now a chance on your Android-powered device, be it a smartphone or a tablet? If you have answered in the affirmative, and have found it to be extremely useful along the way, perhaps it is time for you to make use of it even more. Word on the street has it that Google Now might eventually function as a reminder for you to pay your bills.

Just how did this particular rumor rear its head? Apparently, a wee bit of code was found by those folks over at Android Police, where snippets of the code does look as though Google is getting ready to offer reminders depending on when your bills are due. These would include the likes of credit card and utilities. Apparently, Google Now is capable of doing so by pulling data from your Gmail, so it might actually require you to fall back on having such a document end up in your inbox.

There is also a possibility that there might be more than mere reminders that appear, with it linking you straight to the website where you make your bill payment, in addition to showing off your previous month’s balance. Do you like the improvements that Google has made to Google Now?

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