Kids are a bundle of energy, joy, and at times, frustration – especially when you are already running late for a particular event, and they are frolicking all over the house – with some of them even indulging in a little bit of hide and seek along the way. And for those moments when you all hit the local mall, it can be quite challenging for a new parent to keep tabs on his or her kid while attempting to do the entire week’s grocery shopping, as it would test that parent’s multitasking ability to the fullest. GPS trackers for kids are not new in the market, but the HereO watch that we are talking about today happens to be one of those devices which ooze with cuteness overload.

It happens to be an Indiegogo project at this point in time, where the HereO watch enables parents to designate “safe zones” around schools and playgrounds, where in the event your little one moves beyond the designated “safe zone”, you would be on the receiving end of an alert. Not only that, parents also have the added advantage of being able to broadcast messages via an app, as well as send kids directions in order to help them get around when they feel lost. The HereO watch would cost $99 a pop on Indiegogo, which makes it relatively affordable compared to other similar not-as-cute models in the market.

There is one caveat, however – you will have to pay a monthly fee of $5 for the GPS service, although purchasing this over Indiegogo would net you the first six months of service for fre

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