HTC had admitted that it needs to do a better job at marketing and advertising to improve its sales. The company launched a very costly campaign last year featuring Robert Downey Jr. That campaign was entirely focused upon change, but it didn’t quite bring the results that the company would have hoped for. So now its turning towards another Marvel Avenger. HTC has started building up hype as its 2013 flagship is going to the big screen. The HTC One is going to make an appearance in the upcoming Marvel flick, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Product placement in showbusiness is nothing knew. Companies have entire departments that are dedicated to finding out what’s most likely to resonate with viewers during the course of a TV show or movie, then the relevant product is subtly advertised in it. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the most highly anticipated superhero movies of 2014, it must have cost HTC a pretty penny to score a product placement deal.

What the ultimate result of this will be remains to be seen. While HTC’s Robert Downey Jr. campaign did raise awareness by 15 percent during August and October 2013, ultimately it didn’t reflect on the market share, which actually decreased by the end of October.

HTC is due to announce its 2014 flagship on March 25th. New HTC One won’t be featured in the movie, its the predecessor that will get its few seconds on the big screen. However, with the HTC One expected to stick around even after the launch of its successor, it would only serve HTC’s interest to keep selling as many as it can at a reduced price.

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