Funny Or Die is Sorry for Lying about Hoverboards from HUVr Tech

Yesterday we reported on a video that was making its rounds on social media. The video basically showed off a hoverboard that looked like the real deal, but at the same time our sharp-eyed readers and many others have commented that it looks like the people in the video were strapped to a harness to mimic the effects of floating above ground.

It was unclear at that time what the purpose of the video was, although it was suggested it could be another one of Jimmy Kimmel’s pranks, but as it turns out, the video was from the folks at Funny or Die who has since issued a video starring Christopher Lloyd admitting to the hoax.

It is understandable that many would get excited about this. After all the concept of hoverboards opened up everyone’s eyes to the possibilities in the Back to the Future II movie, and if self-lacing shoes will be made a reality in 2015, why not hoverboards too, right?

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk also took to YouTube where he apologized for the prank and also showed off how the video was put together, which also took advantage of the same harness setup that they used for the movie as well.

We guess they didn’t really need to apologize since it was a little fishy and too good to be true to begin with, but hats off for creating a highly elaborate prank that managed to get everyone on social media in a buzz, even if it was for a brief period of time!

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