iphone-5s-conclusion-shotThe iPhone 6 is probably one the most anticipated smartphones of 2014. Regardless whether you’re a fanboy or a critic, many are definitely curious as to what Apple has to offer. Now we have heard many rumors so far and many of them seem to point towards the iPhone 6 sporting a larger display, the use of the A8 chipset, new sensors, but what about its camera?

If anything Apple is known for including a pretty good camera with its iPhone but for the iPhone 6, sources of AppleInsider have revealed that Apple could be keeping the 8MP camera found on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, or if they aren’t, the upgrade won’t be one that is too huge.

Right now Android OEMs are trying to outdo one another by releasing smartphones with cameras with huge megapixels. As we have stated in the past, megapixels are just a way for OEms to market their handsets and it does not necessarily translate to better quality photos. Instead quality will be determined by things like image processor, type of lens used, and the software used to capture said images.

So according to the rumor, Apple is said to forgo the high megapixel count and instead opt for tweaking the hardware to help make improvements to images captured by the camera. We’re not sure what this means, but earlier rumors have suggested that optical image stabilization could be an iPhone 6 feature amongst other things.

In any case since this is merely a rumor for now, take it with a grain of salt, but what do you guys think? Any would-be iPhone 6 users disappointed that the iOS device could potentially be keeping the megapixel count low, versus bumping it to a 13MP or 16MP sensor?

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