lash-portable-light-for-spray-can-by-subinay-malhotra3Graffiti art is usually associated with illegal activity since there are those who spray graffiti onto public places as a way to vandalize public/private property. However there are also many extremely talented graffiti artists who spray paint buildings, walls, signboards, and so on with amazing pieces of art.


Sometimes the art is there for the sake of it, sometimes its there because it is politically motivated, sometimes its there to highlight some aspects of society (think Banksy). Since for the most part graffiti is considered illegal, these artists will have to do the majority of their painting at night where they will not be seen.

However painting at night is not the easiest thing to do since you can hardly see where to spray, which is why this Lash spray can concept is such an interesting ideal. Lash is basically an attachment that you can place on the bottom of a spray can. It will also pack a pair of light bulbs that will help illuminate what’s in front of the artist and help them see what they’re tagging.

Of course having light shining while you’re performing an illegal activity is never a good idea, but we reckon it should be small enough versus hanging up spotlights or having your car lights and engine running, right? Its designer, Subinay Malhotra, envisions that the battery that powers the lights can be rechargeable.

This is achieved by the users shaking the spray can, which in turn will help to generate some energy which would help to recharge the batteries used by the lights. Because this is an attachment, it can be removed and reattached to a new can easily so that artists won’t have to buy new ones. It sounds like a pretty cool idea although at the moment it is only a concept and not available for purchase.

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