It has barely been a week since Google announced Android Wear, its SDK for wearable devices. Alongside the SDK, LG announced that its working on a smartwatch in collaboration with Google. Motorola too shared its smartwatch plans, even gave us a look at it. Motorola has come up with one of the most beautiful smartwatches we have ever seen, but so far the company hasn’t shared any major details about its specification, which makes the smartwatch fair game for the rumor mill.

A leaker, who has been right on several occasions in the past about Motorola rumors, posted some tidbits about Moto 360 specifications on Weibo. According to the source, Moto 360 is going to have an OLED display with sapphire glass. It is also claimed that Moto 360 will feature magnetic induction wireless charging.

Without elaborating on it much, Motorola itself has said that its new smartwatch is going to have a “secret” charging method, meaning that it won’t be charged by USB. Wireless charging makes sense, not only does it eliminate the need to fit a power connecter within the device, but it also doesn’t require the user to plug in their watch. It can simply be placed on a flat surface, like a charging pad that’s set up nicely on the bedside table. It would feel like a conventional watch, which one is likely to take off and place on the bedside table after a long day.

The same source claimed earlier this week that when Moto 360 launches this Summer, it would be available in extremely limited quantity. Apparently the company is running into production issues primarily due to the unconventional design of its new smartwatch.

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