lumia-1020-scanOur smartphone cameras are getting better with every version that is released. In fact it is safe to say that in some cases, our smartphone cameras have completely replaced the need for a compact digital camera, unless of course the compact camera had features and a level of quality that your smartphone cannot match.

However recently a bunch of scientists have managed to take the Nokia Lumia 1020 and used its camera to see objects that are hidden behind other things. For example objects that it could see through includes frosted glass, onion skin, and even chicken breast!

Interestingly enough it seems that the smartphone’s camera lens might not even be necessary because how this is achieved is by placing a pinhole in front of it. However what the technology requires is that lot of images, and in this case the Lumia 1020 was chosen because of its 41MP sensor, where the scientists then take the data from each pixel and treat it as a separate image.

So what kind of applications does this technology have? Well for starters we’re guessing medical could be one of them. Since the scientists have managed to see through chicken breast, we wouldn’t be surprised if it were used to see behind human tissue as well.

Obviously such technology already exists but if scientists are able to produce accurate results with such readily available technology like smartphones, it would be a lot more compact and a lot more mobile, allowing them to take it to remote parts of the world where such scanning technology might not be as accessible.

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