powered-by-androidIt goes without saying that Google’s Android has a wider adoption rate compared to any other smartphone platform in the market at the moment, but how many folks out there are fully aware that they are making use of Google’s mobile operating system? I am quite sure that you who are more technically proficient would have come across some friends or family who claim that they are using a “Galaxy” operating system, or in some other cases, a “DROID”. Google might be looking into increasing the overall awareness of Android by requiring devices with Play Store access to feature the words “Powered by Android” as the device boots up.


Android Police has reported that Google requires an Android device which has access to the Play Store and Google’s first-party apps, to feature the “Powered by Android” branding at the bottom of its screen whenever the device boots up. There were leaked documents that pointed to the requirements on the branding’s sizes Google claims that “a logotype loses impact when it becomes too small.”

Do you think that having this requirement of “Powered by Android” would do the Google brand a whole world of good? After all, how many people actually bother to look at the entire boot screen animation when in newer handsets, it could take a whole lot longer than the old school featurephones that we are used to? Only time will tell whether this rumor will pan out to be true or not, and by then, if it is true, we will be able to let history judge the effectiveness of such a move.

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