There were whispers going around that Samsung would eventually jump aboard the Google Glass bandwagon, where there were also rumors of the Google Glass rival making an appearance at IFA 2014 later this year. It remains to be seen just what this piece of wearable technology from South Korean giant Samsung is capable of delivering, but a recent patent filing has shed more light on the situation. In fact, the patent filing gives us a glimpse on the kind of interface that Samsung has in mind for the masses, showing off a camera-based augmented reality keyboard that will be projected onto your fingers. Various segments of your fingers will be assigned to different keys, where your thumbs will double up as an input device.

It is most likely that this projection will be done by the camera, where said camera will also track your thumb movements while translating it into words that will be based on the sequence as well as sections that your fingers “press.” While this patent was filed last year, it might remain a concept and not be implemented in the final product, but at least it does give us a glimpse into a possible future for one of Samsung’s wearable technology devices.

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