smartphone-projectorI know that Samsung must have tried pretty hard to come up with a device that they hoped would be the bee’s knees, which is a smartphone that has a built-in projector in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Beam, not to mention whispers of a successor in the pipeline having made its way out, too. That’s cool, but a modern day smartphone which already places a premium on battery life would not be able to last for too long with a built-in projector, which is why this £11.95 Smart Phone Projector might seem to make much more sense.

After all, as smartphones get more and more sophisticated, not to mention powerful, many of us already use it to take over the role of the portable media player in the past. This means being able to watch your favorite movies and play games on the go, but what about enjoying movies in a larger dimension? The Smart Phone Projector does just this, projecting your handset onto a wall. The black block comes with a 10x magnifying lens at the front, where all that you need to do is to clip in your smartphone, sit back and enjoy. Expect this device to be available from June 1st onward on PrezzyBox.

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