soundwallWhen you come across a painting, sometimes it evokes certain feelings in you. Perhaps one of tranquility, one of anger, one of euphoria, and so on. In fact sometimes some paintings look like they might be nice if there were background music accompanying it. For example looking at any of Monet’s paintings and you were to hear some peaceful nature music playing.


Well Soundwall is a project that is hoping to bring music to art by integrating a speaker system into the painting’s frame itself. Basically on the surface, as you can see above, Soundwall looks like your typical piece of art hanging on the wall, but little does the viewer know that it packs a speaker in it as well.

Each Soundwall device is powered by a Raspberry Pi controller which supports Apple’s AirPlay and UPnP protocols that allows music to be streamed wirelessly. In fact one could even setup multiple Soundwalls throughout their home or art gallery and have them all play the same tracks.

However in the event that there are different genres of art, each unit could be playing its own song, although we’re not sure if this might get a little too noisy and chaotic. According to Soundwall, they claim to have teamed up with indie artists to create stock artwork, so essentially you would be buying a pair of painted speakers.

They do not come cheap though and will be priced anywhere between $949 for the 24-inch by 36-inch Soundwall, to $2,499 for the larger 40-inch by 60-inch version. If you’d like to learn more, hit up Soundwall’s website for the details.

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