starbucks-app-tipsWhenever one receives good service, it is always the courteous thing to mention “thank you”, as well as leave a tip on the table to boot. Well, in this world where virtual payments are catching on in popularity, we have received word that from next week onwards, iPhone owners will not only be able to continue making their coffee purchases using the Starbucks mobile app, but they also have the option of tipping their barista to boot. Yes sir, Starbucks will be updating their mobile app this coming March 19th to include digital tipping capability for the first time ever, in addition to making the app a whole lot more easy to navigate.

There will be a new “Shake to Pay” feature that will instantly load up your Starbucks card up from anywhere in the app. Once you are done with payment, there will be a push notification that nudges you in the direction of a tip, where anywhere from 50 cents to a couple of dollars in the store’s virtual tip jar will do. The tips themselves can be adjusted for up to two hours after you leave, leaving room for you to think without any kind of pressure in between, and all purchases will be saved in the form of a digital receipt that is easily accessible if you need to at a later time.

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